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Boys Teen Bedroom – Reveal

Teen bedroom Slipcovered Grey

It’s here… the Boys Teen Bedroom Reveal.

Yes, I know… I am like a slow little turtle crawling uphill. 

I started my son’s teen bedroom last year.


It’s been done for awhile and I have neglected to share the final reveal with you.  

This room truly was a labor of love –

I wanted this room to be a work of art, all done by hand.


My son appreciates it, and knows that he has a room that is really special. 

He even asked me if I would re-create his room when we move. 

I told him I’d give it my best shot.


Teen bedroom[pinit]

For the most part,

everything in this room is DIY.


Teen Boy Room[pinit]

The lamps are from Home Goods.


Teen Bedroom[pinit]

The wall of hooks make the room seem larger and the clock was easy to make.


Boy Teen Room[pinit]

The wall map is definitely a statement piece in the room,

and you’d never guess what is under that upholstered chair.


Teen Bedroom[pinit]

Now he has the perfect place to sit and do his homework.



Do you remember how it started?

Bunk Bed

Oh… that is so embarrassing!

Child's Room

Okay… that’s a little better,


I wanted it to look like this

Olioboard Teen Room

That’s when drawing a floor plan came in handy,

Tutorial Floor Plan[pinit]

and drawing elevations was a must to make sure my vision was down on paper.

This helped others see the vision too.

Elevation Floor Plan[pinit]

Teen Room

I decided on room colors,


Painted the walls

Paint Colors

and completed all of  the projects that went in the room…


It started with the two-toned desk.

Desk drawers[pinit]

then the wall of hooks,

Rust-Oleum Hook Board[pinit]

Subway Art wishes,

DIY Subway Art[pinit]

a chair with a story to tell,

French Patina[pinit]

that makes you think, “What’s Under Your Upholstered Seat?”

Reupholstering a Chair[pinit]

a World Map,

DIY Wall Map[pinit]


side table to nightstand makeover,

Night Stand[pinit]

magnetic chalkboard,


Magnetic Chalkboard[pinit]

and brass bed spray paint transformation.


Spray Painted Brass Bed[pinit]

 My son’s teen room is complete!

With a blink of an eye he will be out of the house,

but now he has a room he will remember forever!


Teen Room[pinit]

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Is there a project you would like to do from this room?

Let me know what it is!

A list of all the tutorials are below.



Every. Single. Moment.



Project Tutorials:

Brass Bed

Magnetic Chalkboard

Nightstand Makeover

World Map

Upholstered Chair

Subway Art Wishes

Wall of Hooks

Renewed Desk



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The Magic of Spray Paint

Spray Painted Brass Bed

DIYing is painless these days… don’t you think? 


With the internet and new products it gets

easier and easier to create one of a kind looks inexpensively. 

We can have homes that speak our language while simply done on a budget


I am enjoying the magic of spray paint. 

It is easy, quick, affordable, and can change the look of an item instantly. 


Do you remember the vision for my son’s room that started here?

I wanted to purchase a Restoration Hardware bed,
but knew I could create a knock off instead.


Italian 50-Year-Wash Vintage Bedding Collection

Via Restoration Hardware


Then I saw this on Craigslist for a whopping $40.00


Craigslist Bed

and knew this heavy, old brass bed could be transformed

into the bed I envisioned for my son’s room.

Brass is creeping back into interiors and I am loving the look,

however for this room, I wanted an oil rubbed bronze finish.


Like magic, spray paint came to the rescue again.

I used Rust-Oleum Universal 

Spray Paint Brass Bed

Metallic Paint and Primer.

For your convenience I’ve inserted an affiliate link here.


I cleaned this bad boy really good

and placed it on a tarp to start the spray painting process.

Spray Painted Brass Bed

Immediately it transformed into this.

Brass Bed

You probably know by now that creating dimension

is really important to me when painting. 

I like layers and movement

I wanted a professional look and this spray paint

really gave the movement I was looking for.

Magic of Spray Paint

I love how it sparkles and creates a professional finish.

Here is a closeup…

Brass Bed Spray Painted

I used two coats to accomplish the task and achieve complete coverage.

It was really easy!

Brass Bed Spray Painted

There you have it!

Just like magic the brass bed was transformed into a Restoration Hardware Knockoff.


Pretty close, right?

Spray Painted Brass Bed

 The reveal of this room can be seen here.

It’s been done for a while now,

but I wanted to show you all of the DIY projects before the reveal.

Have you used spray paint on a bed frame?

If you haven’t, are you itching to try it now?




Every. Single. Moment.


One Of My Favorites

Annie Sloan Paris Gray

Today on Hometalk I posted one of my favorite projects. 

It has to be this…

Annie Sloan Paris Gray


I knew I had to have this piece the moment I saw it on Craigslist.

Craigslist Find

In it’s unfinished state I knew it could be something special. 

It’s almost as if it spoke to me

– it had me at “hello”. 


It was my first “Big” furniture makeover and it scared me,

but I was determined and dove right in.

French Wardrobe Makeover


I wasn’t going to let my big, huge “FEAR” step in the way.

I am so glad I said, “I can do this”!

French Wardrobe Redo


(Did I say… YOU can too!)?

It was actually easier than I thought.

French Armoire Makeover


Do you want to know how I did it so you can do it too?



Just a little investment of time and then YOU will have a masterpiece too!

French Wardrobe Makeover


Have I convinced you?

You CAN do it!

Here’s an open invitation

Open Wardrobe


to open your doors,

muster up some courage,

and give it a shot.

What do you have to lose?

Let’s gather our supplies and get the show on the road!

Annie Sloan – Paris Gray

Creamy – Sherwin Williams

Annie Sloan – Clear Wax

Sheet Music

Mod Podge

Paint supplies… Brushes, Tape, Tarps, Cleaning Supplies etc.

You can see my previous post about this piece by clicking here,

or follow this step by step guide.

(Since this was my first big piece, I do not have tutorial pic’s,

but I think you will get the gist).

  1. Prep, prep, prep.  This means clean, clean, clean.  We want the paint to adhere without any grease or grime.
  2. Paint with Annie Sloan – Paris Gray.  This is one of my favorite colors, and I am still in love with using Annie Sloan paints.  It is worth every penny indeed.  I decided on 2 coats for excellent coverage.
  3. Once dry, I used a dry brush technique with Sherwin Williams, Creamy.  I dry brush by taking a pretty worn brush and dabbing it in the paint.  Then use a paper towel or cloth to dab the paint off of the brush.  Then brush and wipe quickly with a scrunched up paper towel.  I know there are several clever ways of doing this online.  This is what I find works best for me.
  4. I also painted the hardware with Creamy, not too heavy.  I liked the original hardware color coming through.  This is up to you, go with your gut.  I know it will be beautiful.
  5. I painted the accents in Creamy and the inside of the wardrobe drawers as well.
  6. Mod Podge was used to adhere the sheet music to the inside of the shelves.
  7. Lastly Annie Sloan Clear wax was applied to the entire piece including hardware.*I did not sand any edges of the drawers etc., I felt it was nice left alone without any extreme distressing.*

I hope to see all of your cool projects!

Most importantly,


YOU can do it too!




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