Slipcovered Grey - Worn Out and Grey - Restored for Today Slipcovered Grey - Worn Out and Grey - Restored for Today

Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks are full of goodness to boost the immune system, keep our body energized, and feed our soul. I have found a book full of recipes that are restaurant quality, like you are pulling up a stool at your favorite high end juice bar, but in the comfort of your own home. It’s my little secret that I just couldn’t keep to myself. I want you to have this little gem too and feed your body with vitamins that will nourish your cells. With every sip!

Today I am going to share my favorite green juice with you that is heavenly.

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Wooden Bead Garland

Have you noticed wooden bead garlands are showing up in interiors everywhere? Draping from a vase, sitting in bowls on a table, cascading down chandeliers, or adorning fireplace mantels. I believe they add a little texture and boho flair to a space. They can be natural or dyed to match any home decor.

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DIY Heart Topiary

This DIY heart topiary is super easy to make and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a tough holiday for me. Not because of the meaning, but of the decorating. I always want to decorate for this holiday, but feel I lose my personal style in the process. Can you relate? I am not a bright red and white girl. I enjoy subtle touches that tell a story where someone may have to search my home to find a pleasant surprise. That’s when I came up with the idea for an easy DIY heart topiary. It would have to be delicate and sweet, just like Valentine’s Day itself. Best yet, I believe this topiary could live in the house year round.

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The House Renovation Plan

The house renovation plan is probably the most important part of any remodeling project. It’s the dreaming time with a true glimpse of the final destination. My house renovation plan helped to make the process go smooth. 

After moving into my home I felt overwhelmed. So much needed to be done and our budget and time was scarce. I knew I would have to wait on major house renovations and prioritize smaller projects first. I also knew living in my house for a couple of years would help me realize how I wanted to use the space that would function for our family.  

With that said, let me say, patience is key.  (which I lacked immensely)

Dreaming of what my house could be was how I created the perfect plan.  


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