"It’s Done… Isn’t it Cute?" - Slipcovered Grey "It’s Done… Isn’t it Cute?" - Slipcovered Grey

“It’s Done… Isn’t it Cute?”

This is exciting stuff, let me tell ya!
Holly and I decided about 4 months ago that we were going to
venture out and start a business together.
What could be more fun than
shopping together, sharing creative ideas,
and doing something that we love?
Why not do what you love and do it with a
 great friend?
It’s exciting because we
are actually making this “idea” come to life!
We are finishing pieces and it is
not only fun, but extremely rewarding!
As I was sitting with my husband in a stressful union meeting
for his job, 
I received a text from Holly.
“It’s Done… Isn’t it Cute?” 
I couldn’t scroll fast enough to see the darling
picture of a chair she just finished.
Here is the chair when she started working on it.
 She is such a great multi-tasker… talking on the phone and painting…
 The back has so many great lines.
 check out the legs!

Annie Sloan… we are loving this paint!!!
I cannot wait to see this piece in person.

Without a doubt…
there will be many little princesses wishing to own this little chair!
Until next time…
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