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About a month ago my dear friend,
asked if I needed a “girl’s night out”.
My reaction?…
What girl doesn’t need a girl’s night out?
(hmm –I guess I was in need).
Needless to say, 
I was “in”!
Last night we enjoyed our night together with 
dinner and a fabulous musical,
at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.
Adrienne, Holly, Me, Jodi, Leslie
The five of us first stopped for dinner at ECCO located in downtown Atlanta.
With excitement for the show,
we ordered the
We had to, right? Being that we were going to “WICKED”.
Check out the cool chandeliers in this place!

 Holly and I were loving these! 

We started with some cheese and delicious, warm bread.
Fried Goat Cheese Anyone?
 Again, YUM!
 Personal Pizza… WICKED YUM!
Then came “WICKED”!…
I had no idea about the story line, but have heard 
amazing things about this show.
Is it odd to say, I actually “like” the Wicked Witch now?
Seriously, I do!
I will watch the Wizard of Oz with a much different mindset now.
As a matter of fact, 
I am always trying to teach my kid’s life lessons every day.
How to be nice to others etc.,
Guess what we talked about on the way to school this morning?
The Wicked Witch,
she’s not so “wicked” after all!
If you haven’t seen this musical, it’s a must!
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