Busy, Busy, Busy - Slipcovered Grey Busy, Busy, Busy - Slipcovered Grey

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been very busy around here…
I haven’t forgotten about my blog
Taken a break…
Just working extremely HARD
trying to get things ready to post here.
Things are coming together
and I am really excited.
There isn’t anything better than seeing
a vision come to life!
It takes…
(The list goes on and on).
I guess NEVER GIVING UP is the most important to me!
Here is a little sneak peek of the chair I am working on.
You may remember this from my very first 
Blog entry.
This may not be done for some time.
It’s an upholstery piece… my first attempt.
I hope to share with you sooner than later.
I also found this huge window at a salvage yard.

Holly was with me and we drove away without it.
I then made her turn around so I could go buy it.
I knew just the spot where this would go.
What do you think?
Okay, I am not loving the “honey” pine chest of drawers.
That will be taken care of in due time.
It would look so great painted white!
This is FUN!
Until next time…
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