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Country Living Fair

I apologize for the lengthy delay.
Holly and I went to the Country Living Fair and when I got home that
evening, the voice disappeared, the chills started, the eyes were stinging, and
I was miserable.

After 5 days of lying in bed and still not 100 percent, I thought I should at least share what the Country Living Fair was like…
Seriously!  There are some talented people out there!
 We saw antiques, clothing, furniture, jewelry, etc. etc.  Every tent was uniquely representing who they are as artists.
It also got Holly and I excited for setting up our own tent or space someday soon.
Here is Holly by the Country Living Banner…
We were so excited to be there. A picture by the banner was a MUST!

Just imagine… sipping a cup of java with some girlfriends, 
or a dinner party in the fields…

I love mannequins, and this one spoke to me.  I am going to try something similar with my mannequin.  She deserves to look pretty!
I have more pictures to share and will show you what I purchased.  Totally jazzed about it… 
Those will come in my next post.  
Until next time…


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