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One of those days

Have you ever had a day where you wanted to scream?
Looking back on this day it was definitely one of those.
Now, all I can do is reflect, laugh, and enjoy the humor of little boys.
My youngest, Charlie, decided while mom was upstairs (that would be me) he would have a little fun with some water in the kitchen sink.  The boys were supposed to be filling their water bottles for their sporting events. Instead, Josh (older brother), shows Charlie how the sprayer works at the kitchen sink.
I bet you can guess what happens next…
Charlie, who always wants to make others laugh, decides to spray my
ENTIRE KITCHEN…  Oh no, not in the sink…
Happy mom comes down the stairs to see cupboards dripping,
puddles formed, and two boys laughing at what a
beautiful MESS they created!
So tomorrow, mom is going to the Country Living Fair…
And I cannot WAIT! 
I will share pictures as I know this is definitely going to be a treat.
I also am having some fun with my camera and Photoshop.
My favorite flower is a hydrangea.  I have loved this flower for its beauty and mops of color.  Nikko Blue is my all-time favorite. 
Last night my friend, Adrienne, had a girl’s night to share her opening of her new business.
I thought I would bring her a bouquet of my favorites.
You will definitely want to read about her business… she has amazing handbags and accessories.  All of the women who attended the preview were diving in to grab their favorite bag and jewelry.  It really was fun to see.  The best is, they don’t break the bank… 
I am all about that!
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