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Creatively Made Business

There are some exciting things in the works! 
 I am looking forward to sharing everything with you soon!
In the meantime, I want you to hop on over to Jeanne Oliver’s website/blog.  
 I know I have mentioned her before in a post, 
but I had to mention her once again… 
She is offering a beginning business course.  
 It is an online course where you can attend class by watching videos 
and taking the class at your convenience.  
 I am telling you all about this because she has a giveaway 
 for 10 spots to attend her class.  
 I am late in telling you though… 
the winner is chosen tomorrow, Wednesday. 
 I am hoping to win, but hey, I want you to give it a shot too!  
 If you win, you have to come back and let me know!
I am currently taking an online course with Jeanne Oliver. 
 It is AMAZING!   
She has taught me so much about mixed media, my gifts, 
and truly finding an outlet for creativity.  
 She is an inspiration.  
 Not only has she created a beautiful business, she is a beautiful person as well.  
 I don’t know her personally, but know her through her blog, business, 
and the Creatively Made class.   
Her generosity is overwhelming!
Here is a taste of what I learned from her…
This was a journal I created with Jeanne’s guidance via online videos…
 I love adding vintage items… keys here.
Also, check out the texture.

This was my first project in the Creatively Made Class.

It was really fun to create something out of a 
blank canvas!

If you are planning on starting a business
venture, or dabbling in one now,
definitely check out her site.

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