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The Door Is Closed

The door is closed…   
You may have been wondering why you 
have not seen many posts from us lately.   
We have been working on a BIG decision and it is finally made.  
 We went back and forth, and back and forth… and back and forth.   
Did I say we went back and forth?
Holly and I decided to move out of Treasures Old and New.  
 For many different reasons, we felt it best for us to venture on and 
close the door to a fun run there.   
We really enjoyed working with everyone, 
they are so helpful, kind, encouraging… the list goes on.   
Treasures Old and New is full of great pieces and great people, 
so please, if you are in the area… stop by!  
 You won’t regret it!
We will no longer have our pieces there, 
but we will still be creating and blogging as we go along.
***I truly feel we are led in certain directions.   
That is when we have to “listen”, close a door 
and know that another will open soon.*** 
If you were able to visit us at Treasures, we thank you!  
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  • NanaDiana

    You know, Angie, sometimes the hardest decision to make is the one to MAKE A DECISION! I have closed a few doors in my life; some with anticipation for something better, some closed with regrets…but the thing of it is that there was always some other direction I was meant to go. You girls will do that, too. Meanwhile, enjoy your “break” and your families and don’t feel compelled to hop into something too soon! Good luck! xo Diana

    April 2, 2012 at 11:40 am Reply
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