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Ball Jars and International Can-It-Forward Day

Did you know tomorrow (Saturday),

August 16th, is International Can-It-Forward day?


There is going to be quite an event taking place, one you definitely don’t want to miss.


When Ball Brand contacted me to review and celebrate in this day,

I jumped at the chance.

Collecting these jars, especially vintage/colorful jars, is something I love to do.

Ball jars are not only great for decorating, they seem to carry memories with them.

Ball Jars[pinit]

Like my grandparent’s salsa.  They would spend days and hours

preparing and canning their tasteful creation.

When I received that jar full of salsa, I knew the whole family was in for a treat!

Every time I look at a Ball Jar I think of them.

My grandma, at 92, still enjoys canning with my aunt.

(She’s even shared her secret salsa recipe).


Have you seen the new Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars?

They are beautiful.

When I received them, I immediately thought of a Root Beer Float Sunset Party.

Limited Edition Mason Jars deserve a vintage kitchen table.

Don’t you agree?


Ball Jars International Can-It-Forward Day[pinit]

With turquoise, orange, and blue.


Ball Brand Jars[pinit]

Add a couple Adirondack Chairs, lantern, and concrete bunny.

International Can-It-Forward Day[pinit]

Straws for sipping in every color with striped napkins to achieve a playful, colorful twist.

 (found at Ikea)

International Can-It-Forward Day[pinit]

And… I can’t forget the sunflowers.

International Can-It-Forward Day[pinit]

The sunflowers weren’t quite open, but the look they gave was actually pretty unique.

It’s as if they were blowing in the wind.

Like hair blowing on an extremely windy day.

As the sun set,

International Can-It-Forward Day[pinit]

I knew I had to move quickly.

Ice cream in Arizona summer heat doesn’t last long.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

Ice cream and Virgil’s Root Beer was added to the Ball Jars.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

It’s fun to watch the Root Beer foam explosion as the liquid hits the ice cream.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

Now it was time to enjoy the Root Beer Float treat at Sunset.

International Can-It-Forward Day[pinit]

and did they ever…

Slipcovered Grey

What a great way to celebrate International Can-It-Forward Day.

Root Beer Floats at Sunset!

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

How will you celebrate International Can-It-Forward Day?


As Jarden Home Brands hosts its first annual International Can-It-Forward Day, you may want to check out the live webcast with Bravo’s Top Chef judge, Hugh Acheson.  There will be a live webcast on  They will also be exploring alternative uses for Ball brand jars. 


The event is taking place at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers Market and, in addition to canning demos where viewer questions will be answered in real-time by Chef Acheson and other experts, there will also be segments on crafting, herb gardening and the brand’s new drinkware line!  They will also be attempting a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Mason Jar Mosaic!


That’s not all…

Ball Brand is offering a huge GIVEAWAY for one of my readers – YOU!


Slipcovered Grey[pinit]


Here’s what you could win…


  • The New Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars (6 pint/6 quart “Perfection” jars)
  • 4-pack 16oz Drinking Mugs  (sturdy handled glass mugs)
  • Mason Jar Infuser (sturdy BPA-free plastic top fits on any wide mouth mason jar – equipped with a hanging basket which you can fill with your favorite herbs, fruits, etc to add a hint of flavor to water, tea or spirits)
  • Sip and Straw Lid (Fits perfectly atop any Wide Mouth or Regular Mouth Ball Jar)


Enter Away…

and have fun!



Every. Single. Moment.



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***Ball Brands provided the jars for me to review.  I share with you items I enjoy and hope you will find them useful as well.***

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  • Erica Deuel

    What an awesome idea to do the root beer floats! I feel cool to call you friend 🙂 XOXO

    August 16, 2014 at 10:55 pm Reply
  • Amy Crossley

    I would add it to my collection that my family uses as our glasses for everyday use 🙂

    August 17, 2014 at 2:13 pm Reply
  • Suzanne B

    I have a small collection of old canning jars that I use for decor in my kitchen. They could use a great burst of color with the Ball jars amoung them.

    August 20, 2014 at 12:43 am Reply
  • ellen beck

    I have a canning jar addiction- we can, we drink oout of them and the super pretty ones I have displayed!

    August 20, 2014 at 1:02 am Reply
  • Emily Smith

    I would use them for décor in my kitchen

    August 22, 2014 at 12:59 pm Reply
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