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The blogger girl behind Slipcovered Grey…

I am thrilled you are here!

Hi! My name is Angie.

Originally born and raised a Midwestern girl I have found home in the south.

My family consists of my best friend and husband, Joe, my two sweet boys, and our darling golden doodle Ally.

Slipcovered Grey

In our home you will find a family that enjoys music.

This is a blessing to me as I grew up performing and singing.

I prayed that my boys would share the same passion.

There isn’t a day that goes by without playing piano, listening to loud music, or a talent show after dinner.

We also play tennis together.

Most importantly we always talk about how imperative it is in life to make others happy and find the best in everyone.

I have been asked how I would describe my decorating style.

I have to say, I love it all!

I guess I am a bit eclectic with my decorating. I do love a comfy, cozy home. I want to create a cottage feel that invites you in and is cheerful – a place where you want to kick back and relax.


Vintage furniture to me has a story to tell – history.

That is why I like mixing the “old” with the “new” and creating a space that is “one of a kind.”  My goal is to create a space that tells a story and speaks its own language different from other homes down the block. I think rooms should speak to you and tell you about the family that lives within.

French Patina

The European style also speaks to me with their cottages, gardens, architecture and pure beauty.

Someday I will visit Paris again and catch a flea market. There is always a flea market to seek out and I am always trying to find them when I travel.

I am continuously on the hunt, looking for something unique and different that would tell that story in my home. Unfortunately, budget is not in my favor! I have always been on a budget, so I attempt to get the “high end” look without paying the “high end” prices.

Thank you for joining me here at Slipcovered Grey.

I hope to share with you my journey of turning the old and grey into something beautiful again… covering it up some way.

Just like covering up the greys on our head…

paint, fabric, and a little loving care can transform anything that is “old and grey.”


*Take time to have fun, clown around, and enjoy each and every day!*