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Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan and an Early Christmas Present

Slipcovered Grey Tutorial

Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan and an Early Christmas Present


It’s beginning to look a lot more like Christmas around here. 

The tree is decorated (by my kids of course) and the stockings are hung. 

The lights sparkle in and out as we get ready to celebrate that important day – Christmas. 

This year I wanted to give myself an early Christmas present.  I have had a pair of caned barrel back chairs for a couple of years.  I was waiting to build up the courage to paint and reupholster them.  I knew it was going to be a tough one.  You see, upholstery is a challenge for me.  I knew the painting would be easy and I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

I made it through… Phew!

You know how much I adore Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, right?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Technique

I’ve had so many successes with this paint that when it comes to painting furniture, this is my ultimate “go to” paint.

This is where I began…

Slipcovered Grey Before Caned Back Chair

For $25.00 a piece, these chairs were in need of some TLC to update them to survive in the twenty first century. 

I decided to use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® in


Paris Grey


Old White.

***See color swatches here***

The first step – I removed all of the upholstery and then started painting.

Using the Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush I painted a coat of Graphite over

the body of the chair

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite

leaving the caning for Paris Grey.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite

Paris Grey was then applied to the caning.

Slipcovered Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

and dry brushed over the entire piece.

This is where the dimension and texture is picked up and what I love.

Dry Brushing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

If you would like a full tutorial on dry brushing you can see that here.

Once the Paris Grey was dry

I applied a dry brush coat of Old White over the ornamental areas and where I felt it needed a little more texture and highlighting.

Slipcovered Grey with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Can you see the texture and dimension?

It’s so fun to see it come to life.

Lastly, with an Annie Sloan Wax Brush, I applied a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax.

After buffing the wax the upholstering began and before too long

I was done!

Merry early Christmas Present to me!

Here is one of the finished beauties…

Slipcovered Grey before and after using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I upholstered with drop cloth because I love that look

and placed a plaid throw and fluffy reindeer pillow on top for a festive feel.


Slipcovered Grey using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

See the reindeer pillow tutorial here.

Slipcovered Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tutorial


So there you go…

My early Christmas Gift.

Slipcovered Grey Tutorial

And one more so you can see the side.

Slipcovered Grey Chair Tutorial Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Are you working on any fun projects for an early present?

I’d love to hear.

Now I better get wrapping pretty boxes to put under that tree.

Slipcovered Grey Tutorial

If you would like to learn more about Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan

it is easy. 

Annie Sloan has many books available.

One of my favorites is

Quick and Easy Paint Transformations

where she shows you project after project achieving the looks





Every. Single. Moment.




****Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan provided me with paint, wax, brushes, and book to complete this project.  All opinions above are my own. ***

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Step Inside Restoration Hardware – Scottsdale

Slipcovered Grey

Step Inside Restoration Hardware – Scottsdale with me, won’t you?

Where do you draw your interior inspiration from? 

Is it from a magazineretail storefavorite blog?

My inspiration comes from these places and more.  Moving into a new home that needs TLC in every room keeps me on my toes with every space I see.  One retail store considered my all time favorite is Restoration Hardware.  If I could move into one of their stores and call it home, I would.

Moving to Arizona, one of my first stops for inspiration was Restoration Hardware in Scottsdale.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

The first time I went to this three story massive space, my jaw dropped. 

It was (is) amazing. 

After permission, I snapped away, so I could bring it home to you.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

Stepping inside is like walking in the pages of a magazine.

Every space is thought out to perfection.

I learned a lot.

Let me explain…

Take a look at the picture above.

Less is more. 

Restoration Hardware uses large and impressive items to fill a space,

not clutter a space.


is used which creates cohesive and relaxing rooms . 

(Look at the mirrors symmetrically placed framing the artwork.  The lighting and cabinets also mimic one another).


Caned back chairs tend to make a statement all their own. 

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

As well as a beautiful chaise.

Imagine reading a book …

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

right here.


Moving outside,

Slipcovered grey[pinit]

they make a concrete wall look chic with plants, vines, and mirrors.

Check out these super cool light fixtures using Edison Bulbs.

Slipcovered grey[pinit]

Here is another example where rooms with symmetry create beauty.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

Slipcovered grey[pinit]

Let’s head upstairs…

Look at the gorgeous crystal chandeliers with cages hanging from thick rope.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

On the second floor this is what you will find.


Did I mention, I want that coffee table?

I noticed every room had impressive chandeliers,



AND, impressive artwork,

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

this clock definitely makes a statement,

as well as the pictures of the moon.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

Most of the rooms were painted with a dark slate grey,

which you can purchase here…

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

and the window treatments were also dark grey with rope as tiebacks.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

(Love this)

Here’s a trick of the trade that creates ambiance in a room –

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

Using up-lights beside every window treatment.

Look at this vintage bin filled with vintage books rolled up with twine.

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

This was another table which made me swoon.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

Look at the wood inlay… just gorge…!

Here you can see how massive this space is.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

See why I am saying I could live here?

Head upstairs to the outdoor furniture collection.

At the top, this greets you.

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

The window treatments, furniture, light fixture, and planters invite you in.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

The floral and succulent arrangements are breathtaking.

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

I love this console table flanked with two chairs, lanterns and glowing flame-less candles.

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

Notice the clocks, maps, and light fixtures over the stairway.

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

Head outside and enjoy the mountain views while sitting on the cozy outdoor sofas.

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

and the beauty of Restoration Hardware outdoor design.

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

They do it right with every little detail.

Restoration Hardware[pinit]


Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

They also have new indoor/outdoor fabrics, these greys are gorgeous, don’t you think?

Restoration Hardware[pinit]

Make sure you look around closely,

or you may miss something…

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

like the legs on this piece.

Restoration Hardware in Scottsdale takes my breath away.

I wish I could show you the entrance and more outdoor spaces,

Slipcovered Grey[pinit]

but these shots were taken the morning of some major flooding

and everything was wet.

I will share more outdoor spaces with the next visit.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of one of my favorite places.

Do you have any retail stores that take your breath away?


 Thanks for stepping inside Restoration Hardware with me today.


Every. Single. Moment.



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Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

Recently I had a few of you ask specifics of how I painted

this piece.

Slipcovered Grey

This was actually my second project ever with Annie Sloan paint. 

I remember I loved the end result so much, it broke my heart to sell it. 

Thanks to the readers who brought to my attention that a tutorial was in need.

After sifting through photographs I found a project that was never shared with you.

The same process was used on this china cabinet,

and the perfect way to offer a tutorial.

Dry Brush/Whitewash Technique

Yep, you guessed it, another Craigslist find.

China Cabinet

(You know how much I use Craigslist and love it).

Not only did it need a lot of TLC and updating, it was screaming Annie Sloan Paris Gray.

I have always loved the look of Paris Gray with a nice white dry brush technique.


Slipcovered Grey Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

It is a neutral color that really could be used in any décor.

Paris Gray is gorgeous on large pieces like armoires, cabinets, and dressers.

If you are nervous to try out painting furniture, seriously, have no fear.

If I can do this, so can you!

This is the easiest paint, in my opinion, to use.

It is definitely worth the investment.

Plus there are so many of us that want to help.


So ask, and I will answer.


Okay, let’s go!

1. Wipe down the furniture so it is sparkling clean. 

(Dirt, grime, fingerprints – gone).

2. Once it is clean, apply the first coat of Paris Gray.

(I am a texture girl, so I just brush it on. I try to stay with the wood grain, but hey, if I see a brush stroke – no biggie.

I have big plans to utilize the texture those brush strokes create).

3.  Once the paint is dry, apply a second coat. 

(I always like to apply a second coat, especially in areas where

the coverage is a little weak).

4.  Annie Sloan recommends distressing after waxing, but I like to do it now, before whitewashing.

Sanding areas that would naturally wear with time is my goal here.

Trust your instincts.

Are you ready for the fun part?

5. Now on to the fun, creative part – the dry brush technique.

Use a dry brush and dab it in pure white.

If there is too much paint on the brush, take a paper towel and dab the brush to remove some of the paint.

Then it’s time to apply to the surface.

Slipcovered Grey Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

This is where the texture comes to life, but you have to work fast.

China Cabinet

I brush a section and then wipe it off right away,

Whitewash Slipcovered Grey

here I used a fancy paper towel.

Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

It actually works  great.

Dry brushing evenly is important to create a uniform look.

If an area doesn’t blend well, fine sand paper will remove the top layer and blend in with the bottom layer of paint.

Slipcovered Grey Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

Go with your gut here – let your eye tell you if it looks right.

If it doesn’t, keep working, but don’t get overwhelmed.

It’s just furniture.

This is the part that creates texture

Slipcovered Grey Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

and dimension.

Whitewash/Drybrush Tutorial

Notice how the dry-brushing is applied directionally with the grain.

Slipcovered Grey Dry Brush Tutorial

Dry brushing also creates a layered look creating a time-worn look.

Slipcovered Grey Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

Again, let your eye tell you which direction to take it.

6.  Step back and take a good look at what you created.  Do you need to distress more in an area? Go for it.  Does the whitewash need to be toned down?  Use a fine sand paper and lightly tone it down.  It’s as easy as that.

7.  Apply Clear Wax.  I use Annie Sloan and love it.  A little goes a long way.  Using the round brush (also Annie Sloan) makes it quick and easy to apply.  Waxing protects furniture and makes the color come to life. 

Annie Sloan Wax

After applying wax it needs to be buffed completely to avoid sticky residue.


There you go!

Slipcovered Grey Dry Brush Tutorial

I hope this tutorial will get you to grab that paintbrush and give it a try.

As always,

if you have questions,

feel free to ask me.

There are many different techniques out there.

This worked for me and my wish is that it works for you too.



Every. Single. Moment.



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****This is not a paid or sponsored post by Annie Sloan.  I truly love this paint. As you know, if it’s easy and works great for me, I am going to share it with you.****

Boys Teen Bedroom – Reveal

Teen bedroom Slipcovered Grey

It’s here… the Boys Teen Bedroom Reveal.

Yes, I know… I am like a slow little turtle crawling uphill. 

I started my son’s teen bedroom last year.


It’s been done for awhile and I have neglected to share the final reveal with you.  

This room truly was a labor of love –

I wanted this room to be a work of art, all done by hand.


My son appreciates it, and knows that he has a room that is really special. 

He even asked me if I would re-create his room when we move. 

I told him I’d give it my best shot.


Teen bedroom[pinit]

For the most part,

everything in this room is DIY.


Teen Boy Room[pinit]

The lamps are from Home Goods.


Teen Bedroom[pinit]

The wall of hooks make the room seem larger and the clock was easy to make.


Boy Teen Room[pinit]

The wall map is definitely a statement piece in the room,

and you’d never guess what is under that upholstered chair.


Teen Bedroom[pinit]

Now he has the perfect place to sit and do his homework.



Do you remember how it started?

Bunk Bed

Oh… that is so embarrassing!

Child's Room

Okay… that’s a little better,


I wanted it to look like this

Olioboard Teen Room

That’s when drawing a floor plan came in handy,

Tutorial Floor Plan[pinit]

and drawing elevations was a must to make sure my vision was down on paper.

This helped others see the vision too.

Elevation Floor Plan[pinit]

Teen Room

I decided on room colors,


Painted the walls

Paint Colors

and completed all of  the projects that went in the room…


It started with the two-toned desk.

Desk drawers[pinit]

then the wall of hooks,

Rust-Oleum Hook Board[pinit]

Subway Art wishes,

DIY Subway Art[pinit]

a chair with a story to tell,

French Patina[pinit]

that makes you think, “What’s Under Your Upholstered Seat?”

Reupholstering a Chair[pinit]

a World Map,

DIY Wall Map[pinit]


side table to nightstand makeover,

Night Stand[pinit]

magnetic chalkboard,


Magnetic Chalkboard[pinit]

and brass bed spray paint transformation.


Spray Painted Brass Bed[pinit]

 My son’s teen room is complete!

With a blink of an eye he will be out of the house,

but now he has a room he will remember forever!


Teen Room[pinit]

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Is there a project you would like to do from this room?

Let me know what it is!

A list of all the tutorials are below.



Every. Single. Moment.



Project Tutorials:

Brass Bed

Magnetic Chalkboard

Nightstand Makeover

World Map

Upholstered Chair

Subway Art Wishes

Wall of Hooks

Renewed Desk



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