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Thanksgiving Table Recap and Tutorial

Slipcovered Grey

Thanksgiving Table Recap and Tutorial

Where has the time gone? 

I keep asking myself this every day. 

Here we are again…

Thanksgiving has come and gone

and Christmas will be here before we know it. 

It seems like yesterday when I was posting Christmas Cheer from Georgia.

Christmas Tree

and now it’s going to be in Arizona.



I am finally to a point where I can decorate in the new house.

We still are not completely unpacked, but hey,

holidays with friends and family gatherings are much more important.

This year Joe’s brother and his wife were here for Thanksgiving.

We wanted to make it special as we had not seen them for a couple of years.

I set the table early, because I knew planning the menu and cooking would keep me busy

and I wanted a nice tablescape for the big dinner.

Do you want to see what I did?

Here you go…

Slipcovered Grey

The table was full of ruffles to give a relaxed and romantic feel.

Layered with candelabras, mercury glass, pumpkins, pine cones, and greenery.

Slipcovered grey

The mercury glass and water glasses are Home Goods finds,

the pine cone was found at Lake Tahoe,

Slipcovered grey

the pumpkins and glass square candle jars are Dollar Store finds,

the pedestal, candelabra, and pear are garage sale and Goodwill,

and the dinnerware is from Ballard Designs.

I grabbed what I had on hand and made the best of it.

Slipcovered Grey

The ruffled tablecloth is two bed-skirts layered one on top of the other and topping it off is a linen tablecloth.

I’ve had these bed-skirts for years, but you can find similar ones here.

The Dollar Store Pumpkin and Glass Candle Holders were given a little gold “bling” to add to the fall color scheme.

Slipcovered Grey

They were very easy to do.

Here are the supplies…

Slipcovered Grey

Dollar Store glass candle holder, pumpkins, and a paint brush.


the secret ingredient is

Slipcovered Grey

Liquid Leaf

It’s as easy as painting it on…

Slipcovered Grey

and taping off the glass jar,

Slipcovered grey

and painting.

Eventually you will have a candle holder that looks like this…

Slipcovered grey

These candle holders can be used over and over again, not just for Thanksgiving.

Imagine the possibilities with Liquid Leaf.

There you have it…

an easy tablescape for Thanksgiving or any fall festive dinner.

Slipcovered Grey

Now on to decorating for Christmas!



Every. Single. Moment.




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Christmas Mirror Art

Holiday Mirror Art

I am thrilled to be here today and share in the magic of Home for the Holidays with some wonderful bloggers.

For those of you that are new here,

I am Angie,

and this is my first year joining these amazing women.

So hopefully you will find me to fit right in.

Home for the Holidays

Yesterday, Christina from The Frugal Homemaker, showed us how to make a beautiful Christmas Grapevine and Evergreen Wreath .


**Today I am going to show you how to create

Christmas Mirror Art out of an old frame.**

Holiday Mirror Art[pinit]

As I was going through my mile high pile of Christmas catalogs

I came across my inspiration

from Pottery Barn,

Mirror Art

and thought,

I can totally do that!

So… that means you can too!



you need a frame with glass.

Mirror Art

My mom gave this one to me, but you can find frames with glass at Goodwill and thrift stores for next to nothing.


Using a Silhouette Cameo
program I used different fonts to create a design.

I came up with this little saying:

“Find Me Under The Mistletoe”.


If you don’t have a Silhouette machine, do not worry.

Letters can be hand cut, like I did for my Subway Art Dresser.


Once your design is created,

it is very important to create a mirror image before cutting the vinyl.

Get a mirror image by

highlighting the words.

Christmas Art

and right clicking.

You will see this.

Christmas Art

Highlight and click Flip Horizontally.

Christmas Art

Immediately the words selected will be in mirror image.

Now the letters are ready to cut.


Next, grab the frame and clean the glass.


Most frames come with backing paper or cardboard.

Use this as a guide for letter placement by

drawing lines on this paper/cardboard where you would like the

lettering to appear on the glass.

Christmas Mirror Art

Place the glass over the paper making sure the glass and lines are straight.

This is an important step as you don’t want crooked lettering.

Apply letters to the glass.

Christmas Mirror Art

Once letters are in place,

look at your work and make sure all letters are straight.

Then place the glass back down and press the letters firmly against the glass.

Mirror Art

Remove fingerprints and clean carefully around the edge of the glass.


Using a spray bottle, with a fine mist,

spray water on the glass.

Christmas Art


Apply Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint following instructions on back of can by spraying over the water droplets.

Apply several light coats.

In between coats, spray more water.

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

Blotting the water droplets after spraying lifts up the paint and creates open spaces on the glass.

This helps to achieve the mercury glass effect.

Christmas Art

After the spray paint dries,

apply black spray paint over the entire surface.

Mirror ARt

Once dry, carefully remove the letters.

Christmas Art

It should look like this.

MIrror ARt

You can already see the reflection of the mirror (my light fixture overhead).

Now, turn it over


Mirror ARt

spray the back of the glass again, so the entire back is black and covering up the letters.

You could paint a different color – I was thinking gold leaf would be amazing too.

Once dry, the mirror is done!

Here is a close up of the glass.

Holiday Mirror Art[pinit]


On to the frame

I painted Primer Red by Annie Sloan.

MIrror Art

Then rubbed the surface with a damp cloth once the paint dried.

Holiday Mirror ARt

I wanted the black and gold to come through with distressing.

Lastly, clear wax was applied.

Place the glass in the frame and, there you have it,

a piece of

Christmas Holiday Art.

The total cost for this project was


Holiday Mirror Art


Now I better run and hang the mistletoe!


Are you creating fun, homemade projects this year for the holidays?

Thanks for stopping by today!

Check back tomorrow and head on over to Christa at Brown Sugar Toast to see what Home for the Holidays creation she came up with.

I can’t wait!





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DIY Vintage Inspired Flower Box

Wooden Flower Box

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a little chilly here in Georgia, which makes me excited to spend the day indoors

cooking and having fun with the kiddos.

It also reminded me that I needed to share a project I did awhile back.

Maybe this is something you can use for your Christmas Decorating


If you read my Ryobi Nail Gun post,

you know how quick and easy a wood project can be completed. 

There are big plans for this nail gun,

but for starters,

I wanted to come up with a simple project

Vintage boxes with worn and weathered wood are something I have always coveted.  

I thought duplicating one would make a perfect addition to my kitchen table.

Not only would I have the box, but it would give me the opportunity

to display seasonal flowers.



My kitchen and sunroom is full of blues, greys and white. 

Home Tour Kitchen


I felt it needed a pop of something more fun. 


That’s when I thought of S. Pellegrino bottles. 

They have the most beautiful green color and sparkle in the light.


Green BottleHere you see the bottle sparkle and reflect light as it sits on a mercury glass tray

I created. 


That’s when I had an “ah ha” moment.

I envisioned this…

Tea Stained Box

Before I knew it,

it was sitting on my table.


These bottles can also be candle holders using tapers.

For now,

Limelight Hydrangeas gracefully fill the bottles.

Here’s how I made the wooden box…

(These measurements are as though a S. Pellegrino bottle is used).


(2) 1×8 pine boards (used for the sides and ends of the box)

(1) 1×4 pine board (used for the bottom of the box)

Stain (I made my own tea stain)


Wooden Box


The 1×8 boards used for the sides of the box were ripped to have a height of 6″.

I wanted the bottle neck to be exposed more than it was.

Then they were cut to 40″ wide, which would accommodate 7 bottles.


Flower Box

 The exact dimensions are as follows:

***Remember to measure the boards to your liking.  These are the dimensions that worked for me, but you may find your boards are cut a little different.  Did you know 1×8’s aren’t exactly 1×8?  They are roughly 3/4″x7 1/4″ . 

My rule of thumb… measure twice and cut once.***

Wooden Box

1.  (2)  3 1/2″x5 1/4″ end pieces.  Pay attention to the grain here… do you want it horizontal or vertical?  I wanted mine horizontal to coordinate with the side pieces of the box.

2.  (2)  40″x6″ pieces.

3.  (1)  40″x3 1/2″ piece.


DIY Wooden Box

Here’s a trick… 

to secure the boards together, use the end piece to hold up the board while nailing the bottom and side pieces together. 

Cordless Nail Gun

Once the bottom and sides are secure, it is time to add the end pieces.

Push them snug in between the side boards.


Flower Box

Once the end pieces are in position clamp them together.

Now it is time to nail the pieces together and finish the project.

I love this part!


Wooden Box

The flower box is almost complete.

I decided to round the edges by sanding to give an extra finished look. 

Wooden box

Stain or paint the box and place bottles and flowers inside.

Wooden Box

Wooden Box


Wooden Flower Box

Now I am thinking of ways I can use this for Christmas. 

How would you use this in your home?


Thanks so much for visiting today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Thank YOU for reading.

I appreciate you more than you could ever know.






Country Living Fair 2013

Country Living Fair

I know I am a little late in sharing, but I didn’t want you to miss the

Country Living Fair 2013.

 Every year it never fails to inspire with fall decor ideas, a unique shopping experience, and free seminars.  If you couldn’t make it this year,  I want to bring the fair to you. 

So… maybe… you might feel like you were right there with me.


Country Living Fair

Immediately upon entering Stone Mountain Park a festive feel was in the chilly air. 

The pumpkin tower was quite a sight to see full of beautiful colors of every gourd and pumpkin imaginable. 

The perfect spot for a photo op!


After visiting the pumpkin tower, just a few steps away was a fireplace and tables ready for entertaining.


Here you see Country Living’s fall decor ideas with

table settings for the perfect fall gathering.

Country Living Place Setting

This table used vintage pieces with succulents and frosted glass accents.

Country Living Place Setting

I especially enjoyed how pumpkins were used as fall centerpiece planters.


Here you see a wool plaid blanket used as a tablecloth which gives a

winter woods, equestrian feel.

Country Living Placesetting

Here the pumpkin is filled with pine cones and centered with a pillar candle.


Below is my favorite tablescape.

The bright palette of color mixed with vintage items made this table

beautiful eye candy

Using flowers and pumpkins give a festive fall feel without breaking the bank to create.

Fall Tablescape


Throws complementing the color palette from the table

were draped over the seat-backs of the chairs


Fall Tablescape

This not only adds to the color scheme, it also offers guests a blanket when the temperature drops. 

Great idea, right?


Should we stroll into the vendor area?

Okay Let’s go…


Traveling through the tree lined trails, inspiration was available in

every nook and cranny of vendors’ booths.

Country Living Fair 2013

The creative vignettes were inspiring.  Vendors used what they had to make all

of their items look amazing. 

This year I focused on bringing these looks home to you.

Country Living Fair 2013

So you can feel the fall inspiration

Country Living Fair 2013

created by every vendor.

(These pumpkins were found growing wild in the mountains).

Country Living Fair Christmas

So you get inspired for the holidays to come,

Country Living Fair

and get a few ideas for your holiday decor.

So you feel as though you were here…

Country Living Fair 2013

Christina, from The Frugal Homemaker, and I sure wish you were walking along with us.


After exploring the trails, we headed to a blogger meetup

that Hometalk organized.

Look close, you may find some of your favorite bloggers in the picture.

Hometalk Group

Most of us have profiles and projects on Hometalk,

you can see my profile here and check it out.


Hometalk gave us the opportunity to meet the editors of Country Living Magazine

and talk with Cari from Cash & Cari.

Country Living Fair 2013

The editors mingled with us and it was the highlight of my experience this year. 

I had the opportunity to talk with Sarah Gray Miller,

Country Living Editor-In-Chief,

Sarah Gray Miller

about her New York home that was featured in the October 2013 Country Living Issue. 

She called her home “kooky” with a little giggle and said she is a bit of a “hoarder”

She considers her collections a collaboration.

Hey, if I can be a “hoarder” and make my home look like hers,

I would gladly call myself one. 


Country Living Fair

Pictured above from Left to Right: 

Beth, Kelley, Rosemary, Sarah Gray Miller, Julia, Erin, Christina, and me.


Meeting Sara Morrow (Senior Editor) and Rachael DeSchepper (Web Editor)
was a delight too. 

The energy from these women show they truly enjoy their jobs!

(I wish I had a picture of them).


Sara travels with the Country Living Fair.  From our talk I learned every city has it’s own flair.  Some of the vendors travel with the fair and some are locals from the nearby area. 

She was so kind to take the group photos above for me.

Rachael was featured on the Main Stage talking about “Online Decorating Resources”  and how to follow Country Living along the way.

 If you haven’t checked out Country Living’s Pinterest Page, you can see it here,

and follow the Country Living Staffers’ blog here.


Country Living Fair 2013

I hope you enjoyed the Country Living Fair stroll with me.

Maybe it made you feel like…

Country Living Fair 2013

you were right there too!


Thanks for joining me today

and every post along the way.

I appreciate it!