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What would you do?

So, I was asking my husband where should I start? 

What should I post about? 

Past projects that helped us sell our home? 

Our new house? 


His response?

“Post about this house – how messy it is, and how much work we have to do!” 

I guess we both are feeling a little overwhelmed. 


I’m going to show you what we left behind in Georgia

and what we have now in Arizona.


ask your advice.


What would you do?


Let’s start with pictures so you can form an opinion.

The home

I adored in Georgia…

Exterior Home

The home we purchased in Arizona.

Arizona House

(Most of these pictures are from inspection day, how we saw the house when we made the decision to continue with the purchase of this home.  Some of the personal pictures etc. have been Photoshopped out).

Front Entry in GA,

Front Door Slipcovered Grey



Office Area in GA,

Home Office Slipcovered Grey


Front Office

Hallway to kitchen GA,

Hallway Slipcovered Grey


Front Hallway Arizona

Kitchen in GA,

Kitchen Slipcovered Grey

Kitchen Slipcovered Grey



Sun Room/Family Room GA,

Sunroom Slipcovered Grey


Family Room

Powder Room GA,

Powder Room Slipcovered Grey


Powder Room

Dining Room in GA,

Dining Room Slipcovered Grey


Dining Room

Living Room GA,

LIving Room Slipcovered Grey


Living Room

Master Bedroom GA,

Master Bedroom Slipcovered Grey


Master Bedroom

Master Bath GA,

Master Bath Slipcovered Grey

Master Bath Slipcovered Grey


Master Bathroom

Boy Bedroom GA,

Kid Bedroom Slipcovered Grey


Boy's Room

Boy’s Teen Bedroom GA,

Teen bedroom Slipcovered Grey


Boy's Bedroom Before

The room we called “The Lounge”,

The Lounge Slipcovered Grey

The Lounge Slipcovered Grey



Backyard, GA,

Garden Backyard



Have you seen enough?

Oh… I forgot this one…


These are the stairs that lead upstairs.


A picture says so much.



Here’s where I really need your help.


If it were you,

would you work on the interior first.

Replace flooring, update kitchen, etc., etc.,

or would you

build a pool and create a fabulous backyard oasis?


I’m really struggling with this decision.

Thanks in advance for help with this one.




Every. Single. Moment.



Boys Teen Bedroom – Reveal

Teen bedroom Slipcovered Grey

It’s here… the Boys Teen Bedroom Reveal.

Yes, I know… I am like a slow little turtle crawling uphill. 

I started my son’s teen bedroom last year.


It’s been done for awhile and I have neglected to share the final reveal with you.  

This room truly was a labor of love –

I wanted this room to be a work of art, all done by hand.


My son appreciates it, and knows that he has a room that is really special. 

He even asked me if I would re-create his room when we move. 

I told him I’d give it my best shot.


Teen bedroom[pinit]

For the most part,

everything in this room is DIY.


Teen Boy Room[pinit]

The lamps are from Home Goods.


Teen Bedroom[pinit]

The wall of hooks make the room seem larger and the clock was easy to make.


Boy Teen Room[pinit]

The wall map is definitely a statement piece in the room,

and you’d never guess what is under that upholstered chair.


Teen Bedroom[pinit]

Now he has the perfect place to sit and do his homework.



Do you remember how it started?

Bunk Bed

Oh… that is so embarrassing!

Child's Room

Okay… that’s a little better,


I wanted it to look like this

Olioboard Teen Room

That’s when drawing a floor plan came in handy,

Tutorial Floor Plan[pinit]

and drawing elevations was a must to make sure my vision was down on paper.

This helped others see the vision too.

Elevation Floor Plan[pinit]

Teen Room

I decided on room colors,


Painted the walls

Paint Colors

and completed all of  the projects that went in the room…


It started with the two-toned desk.

Desk drawers[pinit]

then the wall of hooks,

Rust-Oleum Hook Board[pinit]

Subway Art wishes,

DIY Subway Art[pinit]

a chair with a story to tell,

French Patina[pinit]

that makes you think, “What’s Under Your Upholstered Seat?”

Reupholstering a Chair[pinit]

a World Map,

DIY Wall Map[pinit]


side table to nightstand makeover,

Night Stand[pinit]

magnetic chalkboard,


Magnetic Chalkboard[pinit]

and brass bed spray paint transformation.


Spray Painted Brass Bed[pinit]

 My son’s teen room is complete!

With a blink of an eye he will be out of the house,

but now he has a room he will remember forever!


Teen Room[pinit]

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Is there a project you would like to do from this room?

Let me know what it is!

A list of all the tutorials are below.



Every. Single. Moment.



Project Tutorials:

Brass Bed

Magnetic Chalkboard

Nightstand Makeover

World Map

Upholstered Chair

Subway Art Wishes

Wall of Hooks

Renewed Desk



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