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The Beginning of a House Renovation

Decisions about a house renovation can leave our minds spinning out of control that it’s hard to begin. An overwhelming feeling creeps in and the thought of giving up shortly follows. Now is the time to take a deep breath and realize you are not alone. You can do this! I am going to walk you through what I did and hopefully, it will help you too.

Feeling overwhelmed is part of the process. I was right there with you. Dreaming about what could be is a fun process, but putting those dreams into action is another ballgame. It may seem easiest to jump in to finish quickly. From my experience, with a plan success is around the corner. Without a plan, disappointment will follow. The planning stage should be fun and trust me, the efforts will pay off with a space you love.

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The House Renovation Plan

The house renovation plan is probably the most important part of any remodeling project. It’s the dreaming time with a true glimpse of the final destination. My house renovation plan helped to make the process go smooth. 

After moving into my home I felt overwhelmed. So much needed to be done and our budget and time was scarce. I knew I would have to wait on major house renovations and prioritize smaller projects first. I also knew living in my house for a couple of years would help me realize how I wanted to use the space that would function for our family.  

With that said, let me say, patience is key.  (which I lacked immensely)

Dreaming of what my house could be was how I created the perfect plan.  


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