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Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!


Time, where has it gone? Looking back on this past year, it seems to have flown by so fast I couldn’t catch my breath. So much has changed in a good way for me personally, so I can only be hopeful for what lies ahead.

Joe and I celebrated with friends at a 1920’s party to roll in 2020! Luckily I have some hats and a dress from my grandma dating back to the 20’s. It’s just a reminder of time and how fast it goes.


It also makes me thankful that my mom held on to my grandparents’ keepsakes and gave them to me at an age when I could truly appreciate them. These clothes are over 100 years old – still hard to believe.  Joe was all decked out wearing this centuries attire, however, we thought a boa added a little something to his outfit.


So…  what did I learn this past year?


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