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DIY Heart Topiary

This DIY heart topiary is super easy to make and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a tough holiday for me. Not because of the meaning, but of the decorating. I always want to decorate for this holiday, but feel I lose my personal style in the process. Can you relate? I am not a bright red and white girl. I enjoy subtle touches that tell a story where someone may have to search my home to find a pleasant surprise. That’s when I came up with the idea for an easy DIY heart topiary. It would have to be delicate and sweet, just like Valentine’s Day itself. Best yet, I believe this topiary could live in the house year round.

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The House Renovation Plan

The house renovation plan is probably the most important part of any remodeling project. It’s the dreaming time with a true glimpse of the final destination. My house renovation plan helped to make the process go smooth. 

After moving into my home I felt overwhelmed. So much needed to be done and our budget and time was scarce. I knew I would have to wait on major house renovations and prioritize smaller projects first. I also knew living in my house for a couple of years would help me realize how I wanted to use the space that would function for our family.  

With that said, let me say, patience is key.  (which I lacked immensely)

Dreaming of what my house could be was how I created the perfect plan.  


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Before the House Remodel

Front Hallway Arizona

Well, we did it! We took the plunge and had our entire first floor gutted and re-done. Would you like to see before the house remodel and what it looks like now?

I’ll be taking you on a journey throughout the remodel process. I was amazed at how it all fell together; however, we did have one hiccup. If that wouldn’t have happened, the entire project would have been done in just ten days. What? Yes, ten days. You may ask how we were able to take down a wall, remodel the entire kitchen, put in new flooring covering a span of 2,900 square feet, run electrical, resurface a fireplace, and complete the whole project in two weeks? (breath) It was quite a ride.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!


Time, where has it gone? Looking back on this past year, it seems to have flown by so fast I couldn’t catch my breath. So much has changed in a good way for me personally, so I can only be hopeful for what lies ahead.

Joe and I celebrated with friends at a 1920’s party to roll in 2020! Luckily I have some hats and a dress from my grandma dating back to the 20’s. It’s just a reminder of time and how fast it goes.


It also makes me thankful that my mom held on to my grandparents’ keepsakes and gave them to me at an age when I could truly appreciate them. These clothes are over 100 years old – still hard to believe.  Joe was all decked out wearing this centuries attire, however, we thought a boa added a little something to his outfit.


So…  what did I learn this past year?


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