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DIY Wood Sign

If you know me, you know I am a little sentimental about so many things – especially teaching my kids kindness and truly being a good example to others.  For this reason, you may find inspiring signs throughout my home. Making DIY Wood Signs are a way to send a message to my kiddos every day.  It’s also a reminder, not only to me, but everyone that steps into our home as well.  A home should tell a family’s story and these pieces give a glimpse of who we are.  

The sign I am going to show you today was from a bathroom challenge.  Do you remember when I transformed this tiny space from this…

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New Year – Face the Fear

Happy New YEAR! It’s hard to believe 2018 has come to a close and we are already well into March 2019! As the years continue to fly by quickly, I can’t help but reflect on the time passed. I always used to listen to my parents and their friends when I was younger. They would say how time seems to pass like the blink of an eye. When I had children I remember being told: “Cherish these moments because they will go so fast and before you know it those kids will be out of the house and married themselves”. I used to chuckle a bit thinking time wouldn’t seem to pass by as fast as they say.

Now I look back and think, whoa, they sure were right. My first baby is in his junior year of high school and next year will be headed off to college. I get it now, I understand what they were all saying. It seems as though it has been a blink and I wish I could rewind and do it all over again and again.


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The St. Anthony Hotel Part 2

The. St. Anthony Hotel San Antonio

Thanks for stopping back.  I wanted to share another day with you talking about a beautiful historic hotel located in the heart of San Antonio.  The St. Anthony Hotel.  If you missed the first post you can see it here.

I left off with John Wayne’s room.
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Hibiscus/Mint Tea


Valentines Day is tomorrow.  I cannot even believe how time is flying by.  I have been wanting to share a fun drink with you and I thought, why not share it around Valentines Day?  It’s Ruby Red and is actually really good and has some health benefits too!  (High-five)!

Are you a tea drinker?  If you are – awesome!  If not, still give this a try… as this isn’t anything like your average tea.

For these drinks, we use an organic hibiscus tea…

Did you know…

Hibiscus Tea helps with inflammation, is cancer-fighting, improves the immune system… and the list goes on. Plus, this tea is naturally sweet, so it is a good alternative for any sugary juices or soda.
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