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Mannequin Makeover Part Two

Mannequin Art

I am back with you, hopefully you were able to follow the series For The Love of Mannequins and the Mannequin Makeover Part 1.  It is now time to share with you how I made the skirt.  This was definitely the most time consuming step, but truly, the most rewarding.  I think the skirt really makes her (the mannequin) unique.

Mannequin Art

Mannequin Skirt Supplies:

  • Chicken wire roll – I purchased mine at The Home Depot
  • Wire Cutters
  • Muslin Fabric – I used at least 4-6 yards.  I don’t have the exact yardage for you here, sorry.  I remember running to JoAnns a few times.  Off white or creme muslin was used in this project.
  • Protective gear; eye, and hand gloves.  This wire is strong and working with it can cause cuts and possibly come back and get your eyes. 
  • Scissors

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