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Fix Chipped Veneer The Easy Way

Fix Chipped Veneer

Veneer on furniture… It’s a love/hate relationship.

When it is done correctly it can be beautiful,

when it’s chipping or peeling it becomes ugly and unattractive.

That’s when a decision must be made…

Do I pitch it? 

Throw it in the next bonfire? 

Pull out hairs on my head trying to figure out how to fix it?

I am here to tell you… It can be fixed, and trust me,

you don’t want to pull those grey hairs out

we all know what happens when they are pulled. 

(I guess I am speaking for myself here).

This is an easy solution for furniture that is going to be painted.

Let me show you how to

Fix Chipped Veneer the Easy Way.

Here is the little beauty that I started with…

Chipped Veneer FixI found her at Goodwill and saw a few pass her by after looking at peeling veneer on top and chipped veneer on the drawers.

As they looked and passed her by,

I swarmed around like a hawk waiting for it’s prey.

They looked at this…

Chipped Veneer Solution

and that was the deal-breaker.

That’s when I dove in…

and grabbed that Goodwill pricetag before the next person could.

Fixing Chipped Veneer

I knew this was an easy fix.

Here’s what you will need…


Automotive Body Filler


Disposable utensil and plate

Bondo Spreader or Metal Scraper

Protective Gear (Latex Gloves, Goggles, Ventilator Mask)

Let me show you how it’s done…

Start by taping around the area that needs a defined edge.

Fixing Chipped Veneer

Prepare the Automotive Body Filler.

Body Filler Fix Chipped Veneer

This can contains filler or putty and a hardening agent.

Place a generous amount of filler on a disposable plate.

Fixing Chipped Veneer

Next add a small amount of hardener

Fix Chipped Veneer

and stir…

Fixing Chipped Veneer

This is where you have to move FAST!


The hardening agent is bonding and hardens quickly!

Once it is blended completely,

add a generous amount to the surface with the damage.

Chipped Veneer Fix

Quickly thin out the body filler with a Bondo Spreader or Metal Scraper.

 Fixing Chipped Veneer

 Once thinned and scraped the piece should look something like this.

Veneer Chips FixedNow it should be hard to touch and it is safe to remove the tape.

Once removed, skim around the perimeter to remove any

dried putty hanging over the edge.

Fixing Chipped VeneerThis will create a straight edge.

Fixing Chipped Veneer

Now it’s time to sand down the putty to create a hard, smooth surface.

Fixing Chipped Veneer

That’s it!

Here is the finished drawer.

Fixing Chipped Veneer

Now it is ready to be cleaned up, primed, and painted.

Check back to see this little gem become beautiful again.

The rain has kept me from finishing this piece,

but I will share with you as soon as it is complete.

Have you experienced the chipped veneer dilemma?

Did you fix it or throw in the towel?



See the finished piece by clicking here.


*** I have had several requests about where you can purchase the body filler.  I purchased this brand at Ace Hardware several years ago.  I am not sure if they still have it, but I found a (affiliate link)3M Product
that is similar.***  



Fix Chipped Veneer




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