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Kitchen Home Tour

Home Tour Kitchen

As I was enjoying my time cutting hydrangeas,

getting them ready to bring inside,

I thought about you.

Interior Kitchen Hydrangea

I thought about things you might like, and what I like.

I thought how much I enjoy going to others blogs and seeing the interiors of their beautiful homes.

There are some gorgeous ones out there!

It’s almost as if they invite me in for a drink.

Beverage Tray


I get to know a bit about them without them even saying a word.

It’s pretty amazing how an interior can say so much about a person

where they have traveled,

what colors they like,

if they have a vibrant or relaxed personality,

if they appreciate art…

and the list goes on.

My thoughts on this made me think of you.

I haven’t shared much of my interior with you.

Is there a reason?

Oh yes, there is…


I want you to enjoy it…

I want you to like it…

an interior is a reflection of who we are, and you know, it’s hard to put myself out there.

Yes, I have a blog and write publicly,


I’m always a little nervous to share.


Here goes…

Let me invite you into my kitchen

The beginning of my Home Tour.

Come on in…

Home Tour Kitchen

I chose this house because of the open floor plan.

The kitchen is filled with natural light as windows surround the space.

Home Tour Kitchen

It’s not a large kitchen, but large enough.

At a later date I will share with you where this kitchen began.

Home Tour Kitchen

It took much effort, paint, and elbow grease.

All of it on a little budget.

Home Tour Kitchen

I wanted to create a Coastal Cottage kitchen.

A kitchen with a relaxed feel.

Home Tour Kitchen

Where you can sit and have a meal

Home Tour Kitchen

and enjoy this spot in Georgia that is a little like Paradise.

Home Tour Kitchen

Thanks for coming in!

Home Tour Kitchen

There’s still a lot I would love to do in here.

If you look close you can find the unfinished projects – still in the works.

I am a little quirky that way…

I put my unfinished pieces where I want them in my home.

This is motivation to get it all done.

I can’t wait to show you what my kitchen looked like before and how I achieved

this look on a little budget.

I am glad I cut my hydrangeas – it made me overcome a fear.

I hope you are glad I cut them too.




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