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World Map Wall Art

DIY Wall Map

I am so sorry… I don’t mean to tease, but I guess I did with my last post. 

I showed you a picture of the chair that has a story to tell

Chair Upholstery and Map

In the background there was a view of a big map hanging on the wall. Can you see it peeking from behind the chair? 

It’s screaming, “Show me too”.

I had several of you asking about it, so I wanted to make sure to share all of the details about the map with you. 

DIY Wall Map

This really was an easy project, but I learned to be happy with the imperfect

at least for awhile.

I wanted a particular look here and scoured the internet to find it. 

What look was I going for?

A vintage world map with sepia tones.  When I saw this map, there was no question,

this was the ONE!

It wasn’t vintage, but had the look that speaks vintage.

  There are many choices and options in sizes which give great flexibility for any interior.  The map I chose was a 73x 48″ paper

World Map Executive Style

(Affiliate link for your convenience)


Supplies Needed:

Map of your choosing

(4) 2×2 boards

Wire nails


Eucaboard cut to size of map

Wood Glue

Wood Stain


Here is what we did.

We placed the map on top of the Eucaboard to make sure it was a perfect cut. 


Do you like the Disney gang? 

World Map

After placing it on the board we realized we would have a little edge showing around the map.  That was okay because it gave a nice border and I was going to stain the edges.

Next we cut two 2×2’s to size and nailed them with wire nails vertically to the board.

World Map

Then we created a frame by measuring the other 2×2’s to fit snug in between

the vertical 2×2 boards.

Vintage World Map

Then nailed the boards in place.

After the border was secure we wanted to give more stability so we glued another 2×2 in the center of the Eucaboard.

World Map

Don’t you just love our Tagine giving the extra weight needed to adhere the glue properly?

After the frame was constructed, a dark stain was added to the 2×2’s and top border of the Eucaboard.

Vintage World Map

World Map

I really like this dark walnut stain.

Here is where it got a little tricky… 

A little stressful…

and, well…

this is where the imperfect became a reality.

We placed down the map perfectly, making sure it was straight, and began to glue.

Map Frame Tutorial

I decided to use Mod Podge because I have used it for several projects and love how it works.  It leaves a great finish and gives extra durability.  This is a large map and using Mod Podge didn’t work to my advantage here.  I had to work quick and couldn’t work fast enough.  I ended up with wrinkles and found myself in a huge panic. 

OH NO!  I ruined it! 

That’s when my husband and I took a step back and figured we can still tackle this.  The map will have character and a little 3-D effect.  There will be no other map out there like it…

THIS will be one of a kind.

We kept gluing and braying and embraced every wrinkle we created. 

(This still kills me, my perfectionist self is dying inside).

World Map Frame

After it was glued down, wrinkles and all, I used Mod Podge to give it a durable finish.  After 3 coats, it was ready to hang on the wall. 

Map Wall Hanging

I do have to say, the wrinkles after using top coats of Mod Podge seemed to fade away.  What a relief!

World Map Frame

My son loves this huge map hanging in his room.  It hangs proudly right next to my grandparent’s chair. 

Do you have a large wall hanging project?  Or one you would like to tackle?

Thanks for stopping by today!